My New Children's Book ... The Fortunate Puppy

The Fortunate Puppy

Published by Balboa Press a division of Hay House
This tale of a Black Labrador puppy can grow with the child , and what starts as a simple story can expand into something more thought provoking at a later time when the child is ready.
The story can trigger empathy within the child and show the importance of love , but also it can form the basis for further discussion , as many children will now understand the concepts touched on such as past life , reincarnation , synchronicity and fate.

There are sixteen pages of easy to read text size and six full page colour pictures and the book is 21.5mm x 28mm. It will suit young ones to have the story read to them and see the pictures to older ones who will then be able to read it for themselves.

The book is also available from and US $16.99
or it can be ordered from £11.13 

Book .............................. £6.99 Special Offer direct from me.
Postage UK ..................... £1.50 Please ask if outside UK

If you would like the book signed by me please give me the name of the child the book is for.

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