The Haven of Hope is the main focus of my life and that which I have been working towards Spiritually for the last few years.

I feel that finding the right place from which to help others is now not far off. This will be a quiet , peaceful , secluded rural spot ... an 'oasis' of healing for both people and animals.

I envisage helping horses whose 'owners' feel for whatever reason that they can do no more for them. In turn , these horses will help children and teenagers who may be finding life difficult.

I was (and still am!) the black sheep of the family. My ideas and the way I wanted to live my life didn't co-incide. I had difficulty 'fitting in ' with others from an early age as I always felt different in some way. I found that laughter helped in most situations, even if only to avoid the truth. Laughter has kept me in good stead all my life through all its ups and downs.

A life that has been interesting , adventurous and full of lessons , but often not the easy option. I have had many experiences which help me now have compassion and understanding for others in a wide range of circumstances.

At the age of eleven, I was introduced to horses and they got me through the next few years of disruption. These particular horses weren't always well cared for so I helped them and they became a welcome escape for me from what was really going on in my life. I had to repeat the second year at secondary school because I was cycling off to help the horses at every given opportunity and homework was not as important to me. Looking back , at that age I had got my priorities right .... now I have the most wonderful 'job' giving healing to horses. No school work could ever have prepared me for this !

Horses have been in and out of my life according to circumstances and they have been a big support to me when times have been tough. They , and other animals , have been my salvation. Their relationship with us is very special. I now want to help others who may not otherwise have the opportunity of feeling that connection with horses.

The Haven of Hope will not only be a place of healing , but also a gathering place for those starting on their own Spiritual journey to have support. Somewhere for for friendly discussions and sharing Spiritual ways. It wil embrace living with nature and the simple way of life , a slower pace for time to discover who you really are.



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