Cancer and dogs.


Things you could try .....




When a dog is battling cancer his immune system needs to be focused on one thing - and that's the cancer itself.

The dog doesn't have the strength to fight other battles e.g. chemicals that might attack his system.

To help , try and find non toxic alternatives to all your chemical cleaners. Don't use pesticides in the garden.

Feed with organic food.

Frontline etc or vaccinations of any sort may be detrimental to your dog's fight.


Most vets recommend that dogs fighting cancer get a diet that is high in protein (about 95%) and low in carbs (5%).

Most dog foods are not helpful to the dogs fight against cancer.

A raw meat diet gives the right protein/carb mix and supplies additional nutrients to promote maximum energy and immune system support.

Natural holistic dog foods can be an alternative.


There are also several feed supplements available to help.

Some target the cancer cells - either destroying them or otherwise slowing their growth.

Others 'starve' the cancer by depriving it of the elements it needs to grow. Others serve as an extra boost to strengthen the dogs own energy and immune system.

Most of these supplements can work well together.

Best to speak to a trained holistic expert or vet.


If the vet says for example that your dog has 6 months to live - you start to worry. We wonder how long the dog has left with us, is he suffering , could I have done something earlier etc.

Dogs can sense the worrying. They draw energy from us... our sadness...our fears...our concerns actually make them feel down.

As we worry we take energy from them.

You MUST try and stay positive and strong.

Your dog will be helped by positive reinforcement to heal.


Healing can help you both at this time.

It is complementary to veterinary care.