How healing can help your animals


 I have had a lot of experience with animals over the years and have an empathy with them. Animals are very receptive to healing and can benefit enormously even if it is for an old dog to see its last days out with less pain and stress. I particularly like giving healing to horses as I have a natural bond with them. All animal owners requesting healing for their pet are advised to visit a Veterinary Surgeon (Protection of Animals Act 1911 and Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966) Healing can be given to animals in their own environment where they are settled and happy.


  • Can alleviate pain and discomfort and accelerate the healing process
  • Can calm and relax Can boost the immune system and physical functions
  • Can help release toxins
  • Can help through change or trauma
  • Can cleanse and heal the aura
  • Can help to heal issues and fears
  • Can bring energy and vitality

After a prolonged illness or time out of work, box rest etc you may notice that your horse still does not seem happy in himself.
Your vet may have said that your horse is OK now, or they may say that they have done all they can. Medically speaking the horse may indeed be well.
But.... it may be because he is feeling depressed or still suffering from trauma due to the accident, illness or injury,
You know your horse... if you are still concerned about him not being his old self then I may be able to help.
If you are worried about your horse please don't hesitate to get in touch... it costs nothing.